Roses Falls Beautifully
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 Tombs' Muttering

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AntiBug Bunny
AntiBug Bunny

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PostSubject: Tombs' Muttering   Tombs' Muttering Icon_minitimeFri Dec 08, 2006 3:32 am

Tomb's Muttering

Dawn. I saw it thousand of time with you. Three seconds of immensity to shade the horizon with blood as blades become ruins.

I do not know what I am waiting for... Maybe one day the sun would not awake, and my pain would end...

I am forever by your side, unable to touch you, to feel you... The only embrace I know is that of the roots of a poplar tree which break my coffin... And even when the wind fall silent, I cannot hear your voice.

How long have we been in these tombs? Thorns and time have erased our names, but I do not want to forget you... and this is why I suffer so.

Dust slowly ran on my poor bones like a tear, but even a crying corpse keeps this wide ironic smile that not any mask hide now.

I have nothing, nothing but dreams, dreams drown in the abysses of darkness that are my eyes, and you stay in my mind as a chimera of memories.
Death is nothing but this infinite dream, and the more I think my heart beats with yours, the more I miss you.

And as my love and sadness grow, the shadows that separate us invade me and I no longer know... if I have not created this lie which lasts for the eternity.

A lie called André.

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Royal Executioner
Royal Executioner

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PostSubject: Re: Tombs' Muttering   Tombs' Muttering Icon_minitimeSat Jan 06, 2007 8:34 am

Sad Angel
This is so sad you know....
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Tombs' Muttering
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