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 Passion in the stable.

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Lady Darcy
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Passion in the stable. Empty
PostSubject: Passion in the stable.   Passion in the stable. Icon_minitimeWed Jun 03, 2009 11:03 am

Thank you for your comments. This is a new fiction I hope you will like it. Once more thank you ladyraymond.

Oscar and André were in the stable. André groomed their horses meanwhile Oscar watched him, fascinated. She loved him but how could she tell him when he still thought she was in love with Fersen. For the first time since they had become adults she had indulged herself in a detailed study of his body. Andre had become a handsome good-looking young man. He was tall and sturdy with well developed muscles. His skin was a little more tanned than his perhaps because of the extensive summer days he passed under the sun performing various activities which required a lot of time and energy. He still had his silky curly dark hair though now they were lower than before. He had cut them when they were chasing after the Dark Knight some months ago. It was at that same period that he had lost one of his beautiful emerald green eyes. The lock of hair which covered his invalid eye made him look a little mysterious. His hand held the currycomb strongly. His movements were firm but delicate and the horses seemed to enjoy this fair treatment. Oscar was so deeply indulged in her study that she didn’t realise André had turned and was now looking at her. His deep smooth voice took her out of her lethargy;
-Oscar do you wish to try he said stretching the currycomb towards her.
-Hum … yes I’ll like to. It could be fun she said a little bit confused.
-Come then, replied André with a broad charming smile.
Oscar came closer she took hold of the currycomb. The task seemed easy she started rubbing the horse down. Her movements were awkward so the horse soon got nervous. André calmed it.
-Oscar your movements have to be softer and firmer, he gently said I’ll guide your hand if you allow me to.
Oscar blushed as she thought of André holding her hand. Her cheeks were so red that André thought she had become sick at the moment.
-Is there any problem? He asked. If you don’t want me to hold your hand you’re free to refuse.
-No! It’s just that I felt very hot out of a sudden. This summer is particularly hot don’t you think so?
-You’re right.
Softly and cautiously, he guided his hands. Oscar loved the contact oh André’s hand. It was a little bit rough, nothing to do with the smooth hands of most noble men. There was something manly in his mightier hands and she loved it. That strange but pleasant feeling made her shudder. Meanwhile her heart bounced in her chest and beat so fast that she thought he could hear it. Very soon she was distracted and I didn’t take long for André to notice that he was dealing with a sort of puppet. He tried to be patient but Oscar won’t be attentive so he got fed up.
-I hope you understood how to do it because now you’ll do it yourself!
Yet Oscar won’t seize to dream.
-Oscar? Are you ill? He asked worried.
He withdrew his hands from hers; and only at that moment Oscar woke up.
-Sorry Andre, I didn’t hear what you were saying could you please repeat, she stammered while her red cheeks showed she was embarrassed.
André had no intention to repeat but his angry look softened when he saw the young lady’s embarrassment. He sighed then he said:
-I was telling you to do it all alone.
-Of course I’ll do it! She answered with a sham enthusiasm.
Oscar tried to reproduce what André had shown her but she didn’t succeed. Though she had the will, she lacked the method. Again Jolly (Oscar’s mare) became nervous this time it raised its feet upon the ground. Oscar got frightened and she clang to André’s chest. This time André found it difficult to calm the animal down. While André was busy taming the horse, Oscar, couldn’t stop herself from having unconventional ideas. Their bodies were so close that she could smell his perfume; a sort of mixture of sweat and lavender. The scent of lavender probably came from the soap Nanny used to wash his clothes. The sweat obviously came from the tremendous efforts he made and the sultry weather. This fragrance had something natural, too natural to be real. His broad chest was so warm that Oscar felt she could cling to it forever. The dream seized, André succeeded in calming the mare.
-Is everything fine Oscar? Andre asked.
-So can I take back possession of my shirt? He asked smiling.
-Yes of course! she said praying once more her cheeks don’t show her confusion. It’s all creased by my fault; she continued trying to straighten the dress in question.
- I think you’ve played the groom enough today. You can go and rest now. You look a little bit feverish since we’re in the stable. You need to refresh yourself, why don’t you go outside?
-That’s a good idea; she said, her voice was trembling.
-Why are you shivering? André asked a little worried. Are you still frightened …Princess.
The last word had come out from André’s mouth unconsciously. He was getting ready to suffer Oscar’s wrath (she didn’t like to be taken for a fragile little creature. But for the first time in her life Oscar didn’t feel insulted when André called her like that.
-No don’t worry I’m fine…My hero. A smile was drawn her lips.
She began to walk out the stable but before she made five steps, André grasped her hand firmly.
-Oscar wait! He cried.
He looked into her eyes for some seconds. No doubt! he now knew why she was so feverish. Oscar too understood while she had had the impression her heart to loud, it wasn’t only hers but his beat too. His cheeks betrayed the thoughts he had contained and mastered for nearly an hour. His emerald green eyes sparkled with desire just as her deep blue eyes. Without waiting any longer, Oscar pressed her lips against André’s and she pressed herself against his mighty chest meanwhile her longs thin finger ran through his raven hair. André was first of all surprised but soon he responded to her passionate kiss. He surrounded her tiny waist with his powerful hands. Some seconds later Oscar closed the door with a kick. André pinned her to the wall. Their kiss began more and more feverish. The following minute they were lying on the straw.
-Oscar before we go further, I’ll like to tell you something. André begged while he was trying to set her lips free from hers.
She couldn’t resign to leave his lips but se was forced to. Nevertheless she sat astride on him.
-Oscar, André continued you have to know that I love you more than everything in the world. You have more wealth than a diamond for me. You’re worth all the treasures of the earth. You’re like my angel that’s why I like to be sure that both of us are ready. I won’t like to see nobody by my side when I wake up. I won’t like to live with the impression that this liaison was just to satisfy a passion; I wish to be your love now but I want to be sure.
-André I know that this seem so sudden for you and I can understand your expectations. These past years I’ve always lived with the illusion that I was in love with Fersen, but I was wrong. For sometime now I’ve being looking for a way to repair my mistake because I knew I had hurt you. I must admit that this afternoon I found a way to repair my mistake. All I’m asking you is the opportunity to show you the extent of my love. You may not believe me but I have loved you for long now. But I have never found the words to express my love perhaps because you never gave me the chance I longed for. Don’t think I waited for my body to be on fire to love you. At the beginning my love had nothing physical but of recent it took extents I can’t control. André I love you more than you can’t imagine.
-I love you too. You’re the one with whom I want to spend my life.
She kissed him spiritedly.
-André I love you. My body lingers for your touch even after a second. I wish to be yours everyday and every night, as from now. So André all I’ll ask you now is to make me love till my body can’t take no more and I cry for mercy.
-Are you really sure that’s what you want?
-Yes! I’m totally sure. Teach me how to dance with your body! You can choose the music but let it not be a menuet I want something more… primitive!
- Don’t bother then! I’ll be merciless!
He rolled her on the straw and sat astride her on this time. Her golden hair lay like a crown on the dull straw. Her eyes were so deep that, when he looked at her he seemed to drown in the excess of love he saw in them. He could hear her heart beat as fast as his, and her lips were swollen because of their too passionate kisses. Sweat droplets stood on her chin and chest like pearls. She was so gorgeous! But very impatient; she was already undressing him like a fury. One minute later his shirt was torn; the minutes that followed they were both naked on the rough straw. But none of them cared. Soon their breaths were heavier and in their caresses were more urging. Two hours later they had made love and they were still making love; dinner and supper came but they had not seized from making love. Their bodies lingered for each other, two many years had passed and they endeavoured to gain back the time lost to find what they already had.
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Passion in the stable.
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