Roses Falls Beautifully
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PostSubject: Rules   Rules Icon_minitimeFri Nov 17, 2006 3:46 am

I'm not very exigent and I will moderate the less I could if you just follow these rules:

🇳🇴 Please do not post any racist or heinous matter on this forum
🇳🇴 Please do not post publicity or flood
🇳🇴 Please try to be polite towards each other ( you can use 'shit' in your posts I know it is sometimes make you feel better to let it out, and some coarse words are accepted in your fanfictions but please make no abuse of this )

If you don't respect these rules I could supress your account on this forum ( you will receive just a warning the first time and be moderated ).

😕 Please try to avoid out-subject. If you want to start a conversation on something a topic inspired you, please create a new topic in the fitting forum ( you won't be penalized for being out-subject but I will have to moderate, so please spare me the effort!)

You won't be moderate if you make some mistakes in your posts, as I'm french I'll be the first to make them!! Don't fear to correct me!!!
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